Test Site

Reflecting on Commonage, Callan, Co. Kilkenny

‘Thinking, making, doing’ Reflecting on Commonage, Callan Co. Kilkenny

National Tree Week

his week is National Tree week, bringing attention to our leafy companions on this earth. Trees are the largest plant forms on the planet and benefit us very much. We would be lost without them. Single mature trees are whole ecosystems of their own. An oak tree can be home to over 250 unique insect species alone! 

Coill Bheag

Planting has begun - our Coill Bheag or ‘small, dense, biodiverse native woodland habitat’ will be introduced to the island site as Kyrl’s Quay later this Spring. An Choill Bheag is being designed and delivered in collaboration with Hometree and An Taisce’s LEAF programme.

Circular Economy

Imagine a world in which we borrowed and returned resources instead of consuming and disposing of them. You might often hear the terms ‘linear system’ and ‘circular system’ in conversations about our methods of consumption. You might ask how do these systems work and how do they relate to me? TEST SITE project is an open invitation to meet, learn, + explore these ideas together and apply them to our city, to apply them to this place at Kyrl’s Quay.