Test Site

Inma Pavon Site Responsive Improvised Dance

During the TEST SITE open day on August 11th Inma Pavon performed an improvised dance response to the melody of Carolan’s Dream.

Sawmill – Site Visit

Images are from site exploration of the old sawmill on Kyrls Quay. Far from a ruin, materials holding strong.

Biodiversity Events Recap

We had a brilliant few days at TEST SITE last Friday and Saturday. #ArtsIreland #anchoillbheag #biodiversity #art #architecture #seminar #research #ceol #music

TEST SITE Introduction Video

TEST SITE Project, an introduction video / video by Peter Martin @petermartinslens / music by Arthuritis @son_of_flap_jack


The ‘Mná & Sons’ film is easiest described as a 16mm experimental documentary about a place; the collection of derelict sites at Kryl’s Quay. Why make this film? How did the film start? How will it start? What is it about? Perhaps it started long before I can consciously remember, perhaps like many others I went as a child to the R.H. Parker & Sons timber yard with my father to get some wood.

Imbolc 2021

At the Cross Quarter day marking the end of Winter and the Arrival of Spring, a performance took place at sunset and sunrise. Cross quarter days mark the midpoints between the Winter and Summer Solstice and Vernal and Autumnal Equinox.