Test Site


Visiting Address

Kyrl’s Street
Kyrl’s Quay
Cork City

Getting There

There are bike racks located on Cornmarket Street

TEST SITE is a 5 minute walk from Patrick Street
and a minute walk from Patrick’s Bridge

Route 202, 203, 206.

Kent Station is an 18 minute walk away.

On-street parking is available in the local
area and surrounding streets. North Main
Street Car Park is a 1 minute walk away.

Project Team

Ailbhe Cunningham

Ailbhe is an architect MRIAI who works collaboratively with communities of place and interest and engages in cross-disciplinary collaboration and participatory knowledge exchange to generate resilient, regenerative urban landscapes. In 2020, with artist Aoife Desmond, she co-founded TEST SITE – a collaborative art, architecture and ecology project that activates a vacant site in Cork city centre. She is a founding member of Cork Community Land Trust, an emerging, cross-disciplinary group investigating alternative community-led methods and structures for providing housing and amenities in Ireland. She is a commissioned architect in Self Organised Architecture’s Reimagining Elderhood project, which explores ageing and housing in Ireland. 

Darren O'Connor

Darren is a spatial practitioner engaged in expanded practice, co-design and activism within art and architecture. Darren is a recent graduate of B.Sc. Architecture at UCC/MTU. Darren is a project coordinator at TEST SITE project, an Architectural Assistant at PEBBLE Architecture + Design and an Archive Assistant at Cork LGBT Archive. Outside of education, Darren has been actively engaged in developing their own spatial practice, both through volunteering in several communities organisations that engage with situated and collaborative architecture alongside forming my own personal projects. As an artist, I am interested in the notions of identity, memory, and sense of place. I engage in projects that uncover the history of a site through mapping, drawing, and researching.

Cilla Woodhouse

Cilla is an artist and activist. She has a strong relationship with the natural environment within her practice. She is a project coordinator on TEST SITE and has been instrumental in establishing a weekly ‘Care & Repair’ site maintenance morning on the site. She received a professional qualification in librarianship from North London Polytechnic and has worked in urban community settings providing library services to the housebound, in children’s libraries and with mobile library services to undeveloped peripheral residential areas for over 10 years. Furthermore, she is acutely aware of the value of urban green spaces in establishing communities of place and their benefits for health and wellbeing. Cilla is the editor of the TEST SITE newsletter, which communicates the monthly happenings on site to their wider online audience.

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