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This week is National Tree week, bringing attention to our leafy companions on this earth. Trees are the largest plant forms on the planet and benefit us very much. We would be lost without them. Single mature trees are whole ecosystems of their own. An oak tree can be home to over 250 unique insect species alone! 

On Kyrl’s Quay there are a number of willow growing, their furry buds now sprouting glowing green. We reckon they’re a variety called rusty willow. Rusty Willow is the dominant form along the Atlantic fringe stretching from North Africa to northernmost Scotland and is the dominant subspecies throughout Ireland. Willow is a quick growing tree and symbolises fertility. Saileog is the Irish word for willow and people also call it Sally or Sallow, deriving from the Latin Salix. Folklore tells us it brings luck to carry a willow rod on a journey. It is also an excellent tree for basket weaving and is used for boatbuilding to make the traditional coracle/curachán. We feel very lucky to have willow growing on site. What trees are growing near you? 

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