Test Site

Imbolc 2021

Imbolc 2021


At the Cross Quarter day marking the end of Winter and the Arrival of Spring, a performance took place at sunset and sunrise. Cross quarter days mark the midpoints between the Winter and Summer Solstice and Vernal and Autumnal Equinox. 


Ancient timekeeping. 

Connection with our astronomical movements through space. 

Marking this time is still important to us as we strive to keep connected, searching out ceremony, wondering how to express the joy at seeing shoots break the surface. 


Aoife Desmond is making a film in response to the Island Site and surrounding buildings at Kyrls Quay. 


Titled ‘Mná & Sons’, Performances by the artist are included in the film.


‘Gold woman never said this would be easy’ was performed at sunset and sunrise. The performance acknowledges the profound layers of loss in this present moment in terms of our relationship to cultural, social and natural heritages. It responds to both the tangible and intangible layers that make a site. 

Around us always in the urban environment are unseen histories and happenings, growth, decay and transformation. 


Imbolc empowers what lies beneath the surface to awaken. TESTSITE, like the Gold woman’s activity, invites us to find new, unseen potential in a small corner of the city, seemingly dormant, but in fact, always transforming. 


The performance was filmed on 16mm by cinematographer Denise Woods. Sound recorded by Fiona Sheil. 


TESTSITE is a collaborative urban research project. If you would like to keep up to date or involved with the project please join our mailing list.