Test Site

Our Belfast Truss fabrication is in the capable and skilled hands of the workshop team at local community boat yard, Meitheal Mara. We are in awe of all of the meticulous work they have put into cutting the first of four roof trusses. Ailbhe & Aoife have been visiting the workshop team regularly. Ailbhe has been checking in on fabrication details while Aoife has been busy capturing the fabrication work on 16mm film. Over the coming weeks, workshop participants at Meitheal Mara will help construct the remaining trusses. This collaborative process was made possible when Meitheal Mara received the Arts in Context Award from Cork City Council.  

In keeping with the circular economy principles which are core to the design process, the short lengths of wood are combined to create a long span structure without the requirement for large wooden members. Bolt fixings will be installed across each joint to ensure that all of this precious bank of raw materials can be easily separated and redistributed. The elimination of nails & glue in our modern interpretation of the Belfast Truss ensures that the high value, raw materials are suitable for future use, including adaptation. 

We look forward to a day (very soon to come) when we will transport the finished trusses from Crosses Green down river to Kyrl’s Quay.